A new knee.

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Have a new knee or hip replacement

via Outpatient ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) total joint replacements at Orthopaedic Associates, PA.

We can help you return to or even exceed your prior mobility or activity level.

Have a new knee or hip replacement

An Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is a facility where patients receive outpatient surgical procedures and are discharged within 24 hours. Patients receive elective surgical treatment in a highly-specialized environment, in a more costeffective setting than that of a hospital.

Increased Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is increased by a closer relationship with a single nurse throughout the entire process. This nurse helps patients manage their perioperative period and recovery, maximizing the benefits of surgery. Traditionally, an inpatient hospital stay was required for all joint replacement procedures but today that is not the case. There are three primary factors that previously made hospitalization necessary: pain control, physical therapy, and the possible need for blood transfusion.

Pain Management

With the recent advances in surgical technique, implants, comprehensive blood management and pain management hospital stays have been minimized.

Pain from surgery can be caused by tissue injury during surgery that leads to inflammation. Historically, we have relied on narcotics alone to manage this pain but now we can utilize more progressive techniques such as a plasma knife instead of the steel scalpel to reduce the tissue injury at the outset thereby decreasing inflammation and related pain. Reducing tissue injury also reduces physical limitations, making rehabilitation easier and allowing patients to begin rehab immediately.


Changes to anesthesia and other medications can reduce pain more effectively while also minimizing side effects like nausea that delay recovery. This thorough approach enables patients to experience only mild discomfort as they return home with a new joint the same day of surgery. The ASC setting allows the surgical team to provide more personal attention to patient care and education, which also allows patient and family to have a better understanding of all aspects of surgery, ongoing care, and postoperative expectations. The ASC setting offers increased flexibility based on the individual patient’s needs. Procedures that can be performed safely in an ASC setting include outpatient hip resurfacing, total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, total hip replacement, total shoulder replacement and many spine procedures. Typically these procedures provided in an ASC instead of a hospital setting can provide remarkable cost savings to the patient.


If additional help is needed for you or your family member after going home from the procedure, there are home health services available to help you through this transition of care and recovery.

Interim Healthcare

http://www.interimhealthcare.com/ http://www.interimhealthcare.com/services/home-care/interim-transitions

Partial Joint Replacement Info

http://www.orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00585 http://oxfordknee.com/oxford.cfm

Benefits of Outpatient Joint Replacements


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